Military Divorce

Wyoming law provides that military members who are stationed here can get divorced here—they don’t have to be legal residents. We have been helping military members and their spouses divorce for more than 20 years. Of course, many active duty members stationed elsewhere are actually Wyoming residents and have family here. Additionally, many military members “from away” have found a nice place to retire. Over the years we have handled hundreds of such family law cases, where an active duty, reserve or retired military member was involved.

Every family lawyer who has a case involving a military member as a party will need to know about base pay rates, other entitlements, Tricare health benefits, retirement benefits, the Survivor Benefit Plan and Servicemembers Group Life Insurance. Many more cases will involve disability pay, or VA benefits, or accrued pension time through the Reserves. There are a whole host of other issues which are unique to military families: these are just the major economic ones.

Experience makes a difference. If you are an active duty or retired military member, or the spouse of a military member (active or retired), and you are facing any type of family law matter in the Courts where we practice, you should give us a call.


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